The 4 B's of Leadership

"Garner the Respect of Any Horse Instantly and permanently"

The 4 B's of Leadership - What you will learn

"Garner the Respect of Any Horse Instantly and Permanently"

  • Boundaries
  • Bonding
  • Bravery
  • Basic skills
  • Learn to "bomb proof" your horse in the bravery stage of the 4 B's
  • In this course, you'll learn what Master horse trainers do instinctively, but sometimes struggle to communicate to others.
  • Learn to balance Bonding and Training so your horses can love working with you and for you. Prove to your horse you are truly a friend with integrity and leadership.
  • Prepare a horse for ANY task by teaching a "learning frame of mind."
  • This course is complimentary to any form of horse training. Including Western, English, Latin, Natural, Performance, Liberty, Driving, etc.
  • This course has been tested and proven by industry leaders to stand the course of time and work for all horses!
  • 8 (eight) Instant Access Instructional Videos Valued at $250
  • Nearly 2 full hours of step by step instructions, showing what to do, why, and how to solve specific challenges

"Don's teaching is easy to follow, motivational, and fun! You'll love this course!" Sarah, CA

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